We love movies!

Low-budget, arthouse, blockbuster - we don’t discriminate and we watch them all! We are Midnight Movie Watchers and we celebrate all things movies.

We share our passion for films by producing objects related to films we know and love. We have set fourth to share our passion with you by brining things to surface that we feel are worth celebrating.

Midnight Movie Watchers is for people who are unapologetically passionate about movies.

Get initiated. Join us.

Midnight Movie Watchers is a small independent passion project. Everything we design and have produced is out of our love for the content — Not to generate a profit. If you are interested in seeing our initiative see continued growth, help support an upcoming release by contacting us and making a donation of any amount. We will be sure to give credit to any and all benefactors. Thanks for your continued interest and support!

_MMW Team